Throughout the novel

Throughout the novel, Ponyboy has learned 3 major lessons that make him become more mature. Having conversations with the Socs helps Pony learns that the Socs, as the same as the Greasers and other tennagers in the world, have problems that they cannot express. Understanding their problems helps him sympathize and share similar interests with the Socs despite their affluent backgrounds. Our antagonist also learns that stay innocent and keep his ‘gold’ characteristic are important and essential in his life. This lesson awakes in him an obligation to write a book so that he could save people that have the same condition with him. The biggest lesson that Pony has learned is about his brothers. Going through what has happened, Pony discovers aspects that make him immediately changes the way he thinks and become more responsible with his family.
Talking with Cherry and Randy helps Pony slowly realizes that Socs also have inner problems that they struggle with everyday.The Socs problems is first expressed by Cherry when she argues with Ponyboy about her group ‘ We have troubles you’ve never even heard of. You want to know something?..Things are rough all over.” Cherry’s words expresses that they have problems of their own that make their lives uneasy and imperfect, despite of their luxurious lives. Cherry also mentions that the Socs are “Too cool to feel anything”, demonstrating that the Socials are afraid to show their emotions in front of others. They afraid that their friends will make fun of them because they were becoming warm hearted. The Socs problems are also mentioned when Randy comes to talk with Ponyboy. As described in chap 7, Randy complains with Pony about life of Bob, which also symbolizes for the lives of the Socs. The Socs’ parents are so supportive and overindulge that they let their child lives in their own ways without any limitation. ” They gave in to him all the time. He kept trying to make someone say ‘No’ and they never did. They never did. That was what he wanted. For somebody to tell him ‘No.’ To have somebody lay down the law, set the limits, give him something solid to stand on. That’s what we all want, really. One time…”. The way