Since he almost removed a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body

Since he almost removed a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body, It may have intensified the discord between the Christians and the Jews. Unfortunately his anger and need for retaliation overcame rational thought and it fundamentally resulted in his downfall. This play is clear representation of how greed, power and hatred can destroy and ruin an individual.

Shylock is portrayed as a villain but in reality he is just an extremely self- absorbed and conflicted individual. There is a song about him explaining all of these unfortunate events happening to him unrelentlessly. The thing that brought Shylock to the edge is probably when his daughter left him alone and penniless. Though Shylock’s downfall is tragic it is understandable to conclude that he was, in fact, his own worst enemy and maybe beyond redemption. Most people in Shylock’s position could not handle the pressure of being a menace to society in everybody’s eyes.

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