Oltjana Molishtari ESL 155 Writing Assignment 1 Chap

Oltjana Molishtari
ESL 155
Writing Assignment 1
Chap. 1, P. 4, # 4
February 21, 2018
In her article, “When You Shouldn’t Tell It Like it is,” Deborah Tannen explains two methods of communication, directness, and indirectness. She argues that in communication indirectness is necessary and useful. Nowadays, to be indirect when communicating with someone is a dominant trend. Indirectness in some cases can help people to relive the tension among people. For example, when a person wants to say something to another person but the information that he will say can hurt the feeling of the other person. So, if a person does not want to be outright because can hurt his/her feeling, indirectness is the right method of communication that a person can use. Even though indirectness is useful and inevitable if a person wants not to make confuse the commentator and make his opinion perfectly clear, is good that he/she become direct. Both communication methods have disadvantage and advantage depends on the situation, kinds of conversation, relationship with the persons etc. A person cannot use one hundred percent directness and say that, is an honest method of communication, and do not use indirectness because it is a dishonest method. Even though, directness can come more instinctively for some people. The usage of both those communications method in a right situation with the right person and in a right way would make a happy communication for both communicators. The real problem is when a person should not be direct or indirect and when he/she should be direct or indirect? For example, when people operate on a formal communication system they should use directness as a method of communication because they want to be perfectly clear when they report the information. The indirectness, in this case, will make confuse the listeners. So, people cannot say that indirectness is dishonest even though sometimes can make people feel unappealing. Furthermore, people cannot say that directness is rude because it really can help and even encourage people.