In March 11

In March 11, 2011 in Fukushima, Japan, an earthquake with a magnitude 9 occurred resulting a nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. There was also a tsunami that hit the shore 50 minutes after the earthquake occurred, causing massive flooding, casualties and destructions. Out of the six reactors at the plant, three of them undergone serious core damage causing it to release hydrogen and radioactive materials throughout the city. This accident made people exposed to radiation, having the risk of them getting thyroid cancer and other lethal illnesses. The radiation made the plants and animals experience physiological, developmental, morphological, and behavioral effects. Contaminated water that is escaping at the site could lead to the ocean. The authorities responded by making sure that this accident won’t happen again. The Japanese government made sure that the residents who were surrounded by the accident area should evacuate to scrutinize the area. Up until today, after 7 years, there is still deadly radiation that have been found in Fukushima, Japan. Experts also told people that exposure to that amount of radiation for just 60 minutes could lead to death. They also warned us that these leaks could head to a global disaster if not handled properly. The accident happened 7 years ago killing 15,000 people. This accident became the talk of the town and a lot of people suffered. I hope this accident never happens again because a lot of people died, and a lot of money were wasted. We will never know what nature can do to us, all we must do is be prepared for natural disasters or calamities. I hope they can wipe out the radiation outbreak in Fukushima completely so people there can start a new life. Lives were destroyed and many animals died also because of this.