Everyone seems to be normal

Everyone seems to be normal, that is until you get to know them. Even though Mia’s family are a quirky bunch, she knows she’s the oddest of them all. Mia lives with a phenomenon called synesthesia, which causes her senses to be linked together. In her case, words, numbers, and sounds have a unique color to them. But after finding out in third grade that not everyone lived in the same colorful world as hers, Mia has kept her secret under the wraps. Now that Mia is going into the eighth grade, it gets harder and harder for her to keep her secret from everyone. Due to school struggles, Mia reluctantly shares her condition, only to find out that there are others like her. She starts looking into the community of synesthesia, but in the process, disrupts her relationships with family, friends, and those around her. But the loss of something precious brings her down to Earth, leaving her to mend her broken relationships.


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