Employee empowerment The concept of employee empowerment in the present era mostly link with employee involvement in the org

Employee empowerment
The concept of employee empowerment in the present era mostly link with employee involvement in the org. it is like a process in which gives certain level of power in his field, better environment and combination of information. In present situation its necessary for business, org to adopt change, be innovative and most necessary for org to adopt people base system which focusing on empowerment, motivation, creative thinking. The basic aim of the empowerment to reduce the limitation and reducing dissatisfaction inside the employee,
Empowerment is a type of inspiration through which employee work hard freely and achieve org goal. There are some key factors through this employee work efficiently. Education, training (on the job and off the job), counseling. HRM dep’t take one step forward and also the responsibility to gives awareness in all over the org about focuses on knowledge worker because the knowledge worker is the trump card to help in achieving org goal.
Empowerment is called autonomy and distribute responsibility on certain level. Self-esteem and energizes playing important role for job satisfaction. According to conges and kanungo in 1988. Empowerment enhance relation of power b/w employees and high authority to control internal matters of org. mostly helpful to achieve org outcome.
Empowerment is like an internal motivation of the employees which he gains through involve directly from a task.
According to R. Ripley and M. Ripley and Spatz (1992-2000) employee empowerment contain following points.
1. Develop commitment and cooperation among employees and org.
2. Develop motivation and distribute responsibility according to their job in which they specialist.
3. Allow freedom to employee to share their creative ideas.
4. Empowerment help to improve org services.
5. Increase loyalty, reduce employee turnover, absentees.
6. Empowerment emphasis production and increase self-respect among employees.
7. Introduce such methods to improve their services and solve customer problems.
8. Achieve long and short term objective
9. Increase trust and cooperation with high authority
10. Improve communication b/w management and employees.
11. Create a healthy competition and culture (Sahoo, 2011).

According to Kiagge in 1998. Kiagge says that how to improve authority and power with losing their necessary duties and expertise to employees. Empowerment is the management tool which is mostly use to exchange vision in return to achieving org goal. Most of the authors defines empowerment but main focus is giving authority on certain take on certain level. According to Randolph in 1995. Empowerment is the name of transfer of power from employer to employees.
According to Blanchard in 1996. Employee is not only the name of freedom to do act on certain level but also having responsibility and accountability thorough which employee become motivated, committed and achieving goal.
Porterfield in 1999. Personally meet with some employee and management authorities to discuss empowerment topic so he found that mostly management not having knowing to where and when use this term in the org. in 2003 Ozaralli present empowerment as a transformational leadership. Which contain commitment, respect, faith, pride and it exist in all level such as training staff and provide learning according to their job they are doing.
Brunetto and for-Wharton in 2007. According to him empowerment increase the level of org trust. Ellonen and Golipur in 2007 and in 2008. Further explain the org trust. Org trust is like measuring tool of innovation and trust is mediating variable b/w employee empowerment and innovation.
Davis and Meyerson in 2002 and 2012. Through employee empowerment org performing well and treating their employee fairly. (Kumar, 2017)
Higher management must find out the reasons which type of benefit org gain if they empowering their employees. Management gives empower to those employees who are willing to take responsibility and perform in time. Org gives responsibility and specific task according to their capabilities through which employee become motivated and receive high bounces and improve their life style. Org must share important information, matters, good and bed profitability index. Tells their mistakes and provide solution how to improve their skill and reduce their mistakes. Org provide enough freedom to their employee in return they share their innovative idea with management exist only with in a decentralized system where each department make their own annual objective. Contingent work system also motivates employees to do work efficiently and effectively and get better reward. (R. Ramesh, 2014)
Role of empowerment and its effect on employee performance. it’s necessary for org to improve the skill and performance of their employees, if org want to improve their production and service so org enhance the mental knowledge and skill of their employees through empowerment. Empowerment is the combination of four elements such as power, information, knowledge, reward. Power is mostly relating to the autonomy, transform of power. Information is relating to the motivation, feedback, work allotment. Knowledge refers to the training, job appraisal. And last reward is concern with award, job promotion, job enrichment. The word describes the involvement of employees in org procedure and decision making.
Mostly empowerment enhance performance in a good sense but we can’t measure it correctly yet. most important every employee who work in org must remember and follow the factors of competent influence which can be commitment, ethicality and last capability.
Commitment: which mostly relate to org commitment in which employee’s psychological attachment to org if employees empowered so then self-motivation of the employees highly increase and take better decision which mostly healthy for org to achieve their aim goals.
Ethicality: means when employees becomes empowered so they prevent and destroy such those things show bad effects on org culture, bad things like bad language, smoking etc.
Capability mostly link to the opportunities if org provides decent opportunities to their employees such as high rewards, salaries, bonuses, free transport facilities so in returns employees motivated and works harder. (Demirci, 2010)
Employee empowerment creates of creative working environment where an employee has power to make his own decision in specific work related environment. Its depend on employee how to deal with work in critical situation whether decision is small or big.
The main purpose behind employee empowerment is to increase employees working ability, responsibility, boost up employee morale. When an employee feels that they work freely with any restriction so he will be more productive, loyal, productive. (imran, 2014)
Advantage of employee empowerment
Identify and solve the problem faster.
Through empowerment employees must have access to all the information of org so they deeply examine the problem and provide solution about to solve it.
Develop motivation and productivity.
Org gives autonomy to their employees and show trust on them through which employees become energetic and complete their work in time.
Decrease management stress. Through empowering the employee now managers free to check out the employees work daily so in returns they gives his attention on org strategy and other affairs.
Some drawbacks of employee empowerment: due to low level of experience it may increase the level of risk if org empowers their low experienced employees so employee will be creating big mistakes through which org mot achieve his goal and put goodwill at risk.
Week decision making: if a lot of upskills unexperienced employee not understanding the org policies and rules and regulation and they work in group so that’s the reasons makes poor decision in return org will be slow down and org generating low profit. (karter, 2011)