Charlie is around 6-13 years

Charlie is around 6-13 years, since he is attending Preparatory School in the UK. You can feel that he’s really nervous. You certainly feel it when he sits in the car. He won’t eat the chocolate or read his comics. He is completely silent throughout visiting the school and just keeps on following the adult around the school halls, without saying a single word. I find the strongest signal on how Charles feels about starting at the school, when an echo of a boys voice saying he will mash him next term, running through his head. Another proof or signal that he’s hesitant is, when you see that he doesn’t respond or take actions when his mother asks; “Would you like to go there, Charles?” …. Charles does not Anwar … “His face is haggard with anticipation, ` Next year, we’ll mash you .. ‘”(p. 65 l 23-28). This excerpt from the text shows that although Charles is afraid of having to go to this school, then he’s to reluctant to say it.


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