Andre Bird-Pierre 03/15/2018 Theatre Appreciation Dr

Andre Bird-Pierre 03/15/2018
Theatre Appreciation Dr. Overton

Sylvia was a unique play which related to the audience by showing understanding of ones feelings. As well as working through a difficult situations.
The ending of the part of the play was the key to its success because once Greg finally agreed to let go of Sylvia, Kate began to miss the annoying little qualities of Sylvia. Which in turn made Kate tell Greg that they should keep Sylvia. After Kate and Greg came to their final compromise it brought a broken single man back together with his wife, and made the relationship stronger.
The set shows support to the theme such as family and that love conquers all. For example, once Greg did agree to find another home for Sylvia to live. The love from Kate began to blossom once she missed Sylvia which brought her family together for another 11 years.
All of the actors portrayed their characters very effectively. The entire time I watched the film I felt as if I was part of the family and had to deal with Kate and Greg’s problems.