An asteroid is a month away from making impact with Earth

An asteroid is a month away from making impact with Earth. I have been named as caretaker of the animal kingdom. It is my job to ensure the survival of: 3 species of mammal, 2 species of canine, a species of big cat, a species of bird, a species of fish, a species of insect, a species of primate, a species of reptile, a species of invertebrate, and a species of marsupial. I have to choose wisely when ensuring the survival of these select animals. When selecting these animals, it is important to pick the ones that benefit the humans the most. Whether it benefits humans by food, research, companionship, or population control. Taking all of these aspects into consideration I have pieced together an intricate list of animals that would help to rebuild the apocalyptic world, bring happiness back into it, and remain self sufficient and harmless in the process.
When it came to selecting the three species of mammals three things came to mind: food, labor, and science. Cows and bulls are a great source of food and labor. Cows are one of the most consumed animals in the United States; the cow’s’ milk is also for drinking. Bulls are great for labor. After the asteroid hits, a lot of technology and machines will be down or broken. That is where the bull comes into place for the labor. They can help transport things, and help plow fields. Cows and bulls are also grazing animals which means that they can maintain the grass to make sure that there is no overgrowth. Grazing is also good for preventing wildfires. When the grass is not being grazed, it becomes long and dry, which makes it very flammable. Once a spark touches