1.1 Different methods of communication are used in the business environment to ensure communication is effective. When communication is effective, a business will run smoothly. Various methods of communication have vastly different benefits and drawbacks that effect how effective communication is achieved. The sender (the business) and the receiver (the client) will only obtain the correct information when communication is effective. Methods of communication have to be chosen to suit the situation, otherwise communication will not be effective.
1.2 The methods of communication a business uses need to be adapted to suit the situation and target audience. By considering the various requirements that need to be catered for, age, gender, special needs, for example, the communication style that would be most effective can be determined. Some people may have difficulty reading, whether that be due to a language barrier or a medical issue such as dyslexia, may benefit more from verbal communication rather than non-verbal communication.
1.3 Using correct grammar ensures that what is written can be correctly understood. It is important to check for grammatical errors to ensure that the intended message is received. This also holds true for using punctuation correctly. Punctuation is essential so the recipient can easily understand a document or email. Sentence structure is essential in business communications. Using a variety of structures ensures documents are not entirely the same.


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